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Solar Energy Science Project

Solar Energy Science Project is this website's Home Page.  This is the introduction page for the entire website.

Solar Energy Science Project Kit
This webpage provides details on the Solar Energy Science Project Kit.  It describes the intent of this kit by describing the components and why some of them are used.  It also provides a list of the components used to build this kit.  This is a working kit whose solar panel provides power to run a motor or to store its power in a battery.  The motor turns a second motor that generates electricity.

Energy Conversion
Energy Conversion Page points to many fine website tutorials that explain different forms of energy conversion, the formula units used in energy conversion and examples of energy conversion.  This page describes the devices used to convert optical energy to electrical energy and to mechanical energy.  It also explains the principles of conservation of energy.

Contact info for the author of this webpage.  Bob Soto at  Contact the author with recommendations or comments.

Power Measurement
This page demonstrates the use of kit hardware and how to make actual power measurements.  It goes on to explain the conservation of energy principles by accounting for all power converted, used and lost.

Storage Technologies
Alternative forms of energy require the use of many different storage techniques that allow this energy to be used later.  This page links to websites of storage technologies that are now available and those technologies that are being developed.  It demonstrates the storage principles of batteries and how to track a battery's charge capacity.

Mechanical Power Measurement
This page describes a mechanical power measurement apparatus.  The force sensor torque measurement technique is currently being developed and the hardware assembled will be shown both graphically and with photos as progress is made.